Press review


What is it ?

ANEMOS, [ἄνεμος] wind in ancient Greek, is the only transport label in the world that guarantees low carbon emmissions thanks to sailing boats, and that enables you to find informations about their journeys. The label is present on every product transported by sail from all over the Atlantic, including Latin America, the Caribbean, the Azores or Cornwall.

But where does this idea come from?

It is TOWT-transport by sail which is at the heart of this inititave. Since then, we have aimed to upgrade traditional boats through our partnerships with sailing crafts such as Lun II, Grayhound and Avontuur.

Why opt for sail power ?

At a time when respect for the planet is becoming an increasingly important concern, the label represents a real added value in the maritime transport market. ANEMOS refocuses the environment and the human being at the heart of transport to guarantee you a quality service and a drastically reduced carbon footprint

How does it work ?

ANEMOS makes it possible to identify products that have been transported in an environmentally friendly way, thanks to the voyage number on each product that you can enter on this page. 

What kind of information can I find?

Thanks to its specifications, ANEMOS makes it possible to transmit all maritime, environmental and human data, such as the description of the product, its GPS track, the CO2-reduction index and the logbook with photos and anecdotes.

The ANEMOS label, transported by sail: a guarantee on the follow-up of your product, from its origin to the consumer.