En route pour les Amériques !
21 November 2018
Accostage du De Gallant à Tenerife
18 December 2018

On the way to the Americas

In the footsteps of sailors braving the seas to bring back the wonders of the New World from across the Atlantic, the schooner "De Gallant ", chartered by the maritime shipping company TOWT, will sail from La Rochelle for a transatlantic round trip.
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J-5 before departure

The departure of "De Gallant", a schooner with a blue hull of 36.20 meters, is now imminent. TOWT and De Gallant's teams are working together to make this a reality. The team of TOWT, headed by Guillaume LE GRAND and Diana MESA, is working on the final customs and administrative preparations; while the crew, under the leadership of Yann LIZIARD, sailed to the port of La Rochelle with the arrival scheduled for November 20th. The boat will be moored in the fishing port called "Bassin des Chalutiers". It is during this stop at La Rochelle that CAMUS brand cognac, Château Le Puy wine and Black Mountain whiskey will be loaded on board. In total, fifteen drums will be shipped for aging at sea, a unique aging process that allows alcohols to be exposed to multiple environmental and oceanic factors that will influence the maturation process, intensifying its aromatic profile.

20/11 - Arrival in La Rochelle at night

22/11 - Loading CAMUS, Château Le Puy and Black Mountain drums on board

24/11 - Departure to the Atlantic from La Rochelle

The departure from the port of La Rochelle for the great crossing is officially scheduled for November 24th. Since sailing has to deal with the natural hazards and the rhythm of the low-pressure systems, at least in the Bay of Biscay, the date of departure remains to be confirmed.
For the curious, you can see the ship docked in the fishing port of La Rochelle. More details will be communicated on social networks. Stay tuned.
The horizons of "De Gallant" are vast and exotic, and the sailboat will stop in many countries. Initially, the route will take the schooner by Madeira and the Canary Islands, essential stops for the last refueling and time on land before 15 days on the open sea. The trade winds carrying and pushing the schooner from East to West, "De Gallant" will leave the cold European climate for the warm and sunny weather of the Carribean, its first stop being Barbados. Her journey will then follow its course through Marie-Galante, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, most likely Belize and Honduras, and Veracruz in Mexico before embarking on the return trip, the hold full of ANEMOS products : cocoa beans, coffee, shea butter, rum etc.

Find the complete navigation schedule here.
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What they say

"Welcoming a sailing boat that starts again on the trade wind routes is an approach that echoes the maritime history of our city, which is why the La Rochelle marina is naturally associated with it. Moreover, in 2018, this method of transport is envisaged as part of an ecological transition initiative by the company TOWT, whose ships we have already welcomed, and is consistent with the pioneering nature of La Rochelle in the development of sustainable transport and its desire to become the first zero carbon coastal urban area. "

Christian MARBACH, Chairman of the Board of Directors of La Rochelle Marina Authority

"Celebrating a living tradition five generation strong, CAMUS embraces the strengths of an historic heritage, while remaining at the forefront of science to always reach new levels of intensity in the aromas of all the Cognacs created. Part of this pioneering attitude is an experimental vision on the concept of Cognac Finish, as an enthralling passage adding extra layers of complexity to the already intensely aromatic profile of the liquids. More than just using casks which have contained other liquids before, how to further push the boundaries of cognac making? CAMUS has decided to engage in a transoceanic trip to the Caribbean, to transport some of its finest barrels of Cognac only by the power of the wind and expose them to a completely new ageing process, first in oceanic conditions and then in tropical weather, to finally obtain a liquid with an unprecedented taste profile."

Jean-Dominique ANDREU, Chief Marketing Officer of CAMUS La Grande Marque

"Since its 2012 vintage, Château Le Puy has been transporting barrels to the West Indies aboard large sailing ships, in partnership with TOWT - Transport à la Voile. From these long voyages, around the Atlantic, on the trade wind route, to the rhythm of rolling and pitching, the cuvée called "Return of the Islands" developed a beautiful expression of fruit accompanied by soft and melted tannins, for a harmonious and very expressive wine ; thus renewing a century-old tradition, the alliance of the great wines of Bordeaux and the tall ships sailing the Atlantic. This year again, Château le Puy renews the adventure with TOWT, after previous successful editions."

Pascal AMOREAU, owner of Château Le Puy vineyard

"Black Mountain Company continues its whiskey maturation experiment by sending a third cask to sea, always in partnership with TOWT-Sailing. This time, it is a double crossing of the Atlantic that is planned for a barrel of Black Mountain, with a trip to the Caribbean and a return to the metropolis six months later. This promises great adventures for the whiskey barrel and a new tasty surprise on its return. In 2016 Black Mountain Company was a forerunner in being the first whiskey company to test maturation at sea, The first was loaded in May 2016 aboard the Lugger Grayhound and validated the positive impact of a stay at sea on the maturation of whiskey. Bottled under the name "Black Mountain - Spirit Of The Sea", this whiskey delighted our customers and the 500 bottles were sold in a few days. "

Cédric LEPRETTE, Co-founder of Black Mountain

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